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First to the Fremont

  • July 2, 2020

First to the Fremont

Two months before the completion of the Fremont model home in Woodridge’s Farmingdale Village community earlier this year, a long-time west suburban couple became the first to purchase the 2,280-square foot ranch home that pairs open concept living with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a three-car garage, and basement.

Sam and Connie discuss their decision to purchase the Fremont from the blueprints and the experience of working with Gallagher and Henry.

What prompted you to look for a new home?
We had our home for sale for three years. We had 6,200 square feet in Burr Ridge and it was simply too much for the two of us. It was about time we downsized, especially as our home went from having five adults to two.

How did you discover Gallagher and Henry’s Farmingdale Village community?
We saw Farmingdale Village building up as we were driving south on I-55 and decided to stop in one day. We wanted to stay in the western suburbs close to all the things we need and enjoy, such as shopping, doctor’s offices, expressways, and our children. At about six miles away from our Burr Ridge home, the location was an appealing draw.

What attracted you to the Fremont?
We wanted to downsize and we wanted a ranch. We saw Gallagher and Henry had one ranch plan (the Amberwood), but the plans for the Fremont drew us in. It was a good size and exceptionally open, not closed in at all. That openness was important to us.

Were you reluctant to buy a home off the plans alone?
Yes, and that’s why we wanted to see the model first. That way, we could address any changes we wanted right away and see as close to the finished product as possible. And really, that turned out to be amazingly beneficial. We got to see the model home at Farmingdale Village go up before our eyes and get a behind-the-scenes look at Gallagher and Henry’s construction process. We could see their care, their attention to detail, and the quality of their work. That gave us a lot of confidence in who we were building with.

And did you identify some specific changes you wanted as you saw the Fremont model home take shape in Woodridge?
Definitely. We liked so much about the plan, but also had some changes in mind that would bring the home more in line with our needs and our vision. We extended one of the kitchen islands to 102 inches. We traded the closet in the guest bathroom for a larger vanity. We requested pocket doors for the master bedroom closet and the mudroom closet. We eliminated the closet in the flex room to create more usable floor space and also removed the wall in the kitchen heading down to the basement, replacing that with a metal-spindle railing that will open up sight lines and create an even more open floor plan. Finally, we shifted from a wood-burning fireplace to an electric fireplace that we’ll be able to comfortably use year-round.

How would you describe the experience of working with Gallagher and Henry thus far?
This is the third home we’ve built and it’s been a different experience this time around. Gallagher and Henry has been very accommodating with the changes we’ve wanted and we continue working one step at a time. It’s been smooth thus far, thorough and well organized. Both [Farmingdale Village sales manager] Sandie Kanakes and [Gallagher and Henry principal] John Gallagher have been gracious with their knowledge and time, and we’re grateful for their support and attention to detail.

What are you most excited to enjoy in your new home?
We’re looking forward to one-level living and a reduced footprint that will be much easier to maintain. It’s like a little dollhouse and we can’t wait to move in this spring.