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Fido is Living Large: How Homebuyers are Creating Super Dog-Friendly Homes

  • August 20, 2018

Fido is Living Large: How Homebuyers are Creating Super Dog-Friendly Homes

For many Americans – nearly 9 out of 10, in fact – dogs are more than furry, four-legged friends; they’re treasured members of the family. With that, it shouldn’t be surprising that homeowners keep their dogs top of mind when designing a new home.

As a result, Fido is living large these days as homeowners create dynamic, dog-friendly spaces throughout the home.

Napping Nooks

Often tucked in alcoves beneath stairways, under laundry room counters, or other “dead space” within a home, homeowners are creating comfy sanctuaries for dogs to cuddle up and nap. Outfitted with plush beds, homeowners are also adding décor elements like custom wallpaper, textured throws, and pet candles to further enliven the spaces.

Grooming Stations

Rather than washing Fido outside or in the family bathtub, homeowners are giving dogs their own pampering space – often adjacent to laundry or a mudroom – featuring easy-access tubs, hand showers, drying equipment, grooming tools, and even customized towels.

Motion-Detecting Doggie Doors

In an effort to give their dogs on-demand access to the great outdoors, some homeowners are installing motion-detecting doggie doors wirelessly linked to a dog’s collar. In comparison to the traditional swinging doggie door, these tech-enabled doors also limit outside critters’ ability to wander inside as well.

Brain Games

In an effort to engage Fido, many dog owners are bringing clever food or treat-dispensing devices into the home. These “brain games” require dogs to somehow manipulate the item to receive their goods, which offers both physical and mental stimulation.

Smart Tech

Homeowners are increasingly adding smart technology to ensure their dog’s comfort and health. There are electronic devices that allow owners to talk remotely to their dog; mobile apps that allow out-of-the-home owners to dispense treats; and even GPS-enabled fitness trackers that monitor a dog’s activity and whereabouts.

Outdoor Retreats

From faux fire hydrants, obstacle-course elements, and enticing water features to designer outdoor doghouses, owners are dressing up their outdoor spaces to help Fido feel comfortable in or out of the home.