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4 Steps to a More Organized Garage

  • September 12, 2018

4 Steps to a More Organized Garage

We ask a lot of our garages – to hold bikes and athletic equipment, outdoor furniture and tools, garbage cans and recycling bins, and, of course, cars.

As a result, garages can become a cluttered mess. Following a few battle-tested organizational principles, however, can transform your garage from a jumbled dumping ground into a tidy and orderly home for your cars and so much more.

Step #1: A Savvy Start

Schedule a day or weekend to go through everything in the garage, dividing items into one of three piles: keep, donate/sell, or toss. Then, further separate the “keep” pile into categories like garden supplies, sports equipment, hand tools, holiday decorations, and so on. This coordinated effort allows you to get a grasp on what you have and eliminate frivolous, space-clogging items.

Step #2: Create a Plan

After deciding what stays, sketch a plan – at least mentally if not on paper – defining where specific items will go. Keep accessibility in mind as well as the location of windows and switches and how often you use items. For example, seasonal items are often best stored out of the way, while trash and recycling bins should be easily accessible with a clear path outside.

Step #3: Know Your Storage Options

From store-bought containers with lids, coated wall hooks, and shelving to DIY options like concrete-forming tubes crafted to hold hockey sticks and baseball bats, consider the myriad ways to store your goods. Holiday decorations, for instance, often sit well in storage bins, which can either be clear and/or labeled for easy identification. Automotive supplies like oil, windshield fluid, and car wash solution, meanwhile, might sit together on open shelving.

Step #4: Look Upward

Garages offer limited floor space, especially with the presence of cars. That makes verticality that much more important to maximize square footage. Ceiling-mounted storage solutions and shelving enables space-saving, off-the-ground storage, while pegboard, slatwall panels, or track-based systems provide customizable opportunities to store things up and down a wall.

Sit back and smile.

With some advance planning, a creative mind, and versatile storage solutions, you can transform your garage from a disaster zone into a clean and streamlined space where everything has a place.